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Open For Business

California is Open for BusinessCalifornia’s 3.4 million small businesses are critical to the state’s economy. But starting and maintaining a small business can be challenging.

To that end, there are valuable resources available for those currently in business and for those looking to do business in California.

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When Small Business Thrives, California Thrives.

Fighting to Save Business Tax Credits

In June the Legislature passed a significant bi-partisan Enterprise Zone Reform bill that created new tools for state and local economic agencies to attract business through responsible tax credits.

Before the vote, I identified that the economic growth provisions of Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas (LAMBRAs) on which McClellan and Mather reuse have relied on had been omitted. I immediately brought the issue to the Governor's staff's attention so that it could be rectified.

Senate Bill 90, addressed this problem by reinstating LAMBRAs as eligible areas that will receive the new tax credits which support growth in jobs.


Green-lighting Jobs in Our Community

I shepherded Senate Bill 509 through the Assembly enabling 500 jobs in Rancho Cordova to come on-line. This bill enabled Covered California to do the necessary fingerprinting of prospective employees so that the hiring process can move forward before the end of summer. The bill further ensures that employees working with both businesses and individuals on new health insurance coverage are properly vetted to federal standards, providing essential consumer protections.

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Protecting Businesses From Over-Regulation

One of the constant concerns I hear from businesses is the impact regulations have on their
day-to-day activities. AB 12, the first bill I introduced, builds on recent reforms that require major regulations over $50 million dollars to meet a heightened level of scrutiny for their impacts to businesses and the economy.

AB 12 requires that the economic impact statements filed by state agencies on major regulations be reviewed by the Department of Finance to guarantee they are being properly completed. This compliance review helps strengthen the accountability and transparency of the major regulatory adoption process and the bill provides for annual reports to the Legislature to enable oversight of state agencies on this issue to ensure California's businesses continue to thrive.

To learn more about AB 12, CLICK HERE.

Keeping Businesses Informed

One priority for a healthy business is the ability to plan. Licensure costs and other fees are usually manageable, if the owners can anticipate them and plan for timeframes and costs. Protecting the health of our business community sustains jobs in our community.

My bill AB 393 requires the Governor's Office of Business and Development ("Go-BIZ") website, created as a tool for California businesses, to include information on the fees state agencies charge businesses and when they are due throughout the year so that start-ups, as well as small businesses, can budget accordingly throughout the year.

To learn more about AB 393, CLICK HERE.

Removing Barriers to Opening New Businesses

I strongly supported Assembly Bill 113, which is reducing the delays California businesses encounter when filing documents with the Secretary of State's office. AB 113 provides a $2 million appropriation increase in the Secretary of State's budget immediately to expedite the processing of 122,000 backlogged business filing documents.  The processing time had grown to as high as 85 days before AB 113 was enacted. This bill will get our new ventures open for business.

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Small Business Resources

While serving in local government, I understood that the best way to sustain our local economy was by supporting local businesses. Economic growth in California has been slow and the unemployment rate still remains high. As your Assemblyman, I am here to listen and carefully watch all legislation that could have an impact on small businesses. On this page you will find many of the resources that our district and state have to offer for small businesses locally.

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Providing Job Resources in Our Community

Local job assistance programs:

America At Work
3665 Bleckely St., Suite 101
Mather, CA 95655
Ph. 916-368-1229

American River College Career Center
4700 Myrtle Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841
Ph. (916) 484-8492

Bach Viet Association, Inc.
1050 Fulton Avenue, Suite 110
Sacramento, CA 95825
Ph. (916) 481-0340

Folsom Cordova Community Partnership
10566 Coloma Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Ph. (916) 361-8684

Sacramento Works – Citrus Heights
7011 Sylvan Rd, Suite A
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Ph. (916) 676-2540

Sacramento Works – Rancho Cordova
10381 Old Placerville Road, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95827
Ph. (916) 563-5147

Sacramento Works - Mather
10638 Schirra Avenue
Mather, CA 95655
Ph. (916) 876-4022

Sacramento Works – Hillsdale
5655 Hillsdale Blvd, Suite 8
Sacramento, CA 95842
Ph. (916) 263-4100

Employment Development Department

CalWORKS' Welfare to Work program

Job Search Tips

Resume Building Tips

We Can Help! Cutting the Red Tape

My district office is located inside Rancho Cordova City Hall. We also have mobile district office hours in Citrus Heights by appointment. My staff is on hand and ready to assist small businesses with any issues they may have with state departments. On a daily basis, we help individuals and businesses cut the red tape and get their lives and business back on track.

For help with any of the State Departments or if you need help finding who can help you with another entity, call my district office for assistance at (916) 464-1910 or CLICK HERE to fill out the contact form for assistance.