State Capitol Tour

Dear Friends,

The State Capitol is visited by over one million tourists each year and evokes a spirit of pride and confidence in California and our rich history. The month of May was chosen to commemorate the State Capitol because the original State Capitol cornerstone was laid on May 15, 1861, and during the restoration the cornerstone was re-laid on May 18, 1978.

I invite you to explore the State Capitol with an official tour guide in celebration of Capitol History Month during May and throughout the year. The evolution of the Capitol and function of government are discussed while viewing three floors of the building including the Senate and Assembly Chambers when possible.

If you would like help scheduling a tour for a class or an individual, please fill out the form below and my staff will assist you with the process of setting it up. All student participants will receive a personalized certificate for participating in the tour.

Yes, I would like to take the tour!