Assemblyman Ken Cooley Assists Small Business

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AB 393 makes California more business-friendly

Rancho Cordova- Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s AB 393, a bill focused on helping small businesses, received bi-partisan approval today from the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee. AB 393 requires the “GO-Biz” website to house information on the fees state agencies charge businesses and when they are due throughout the year so that start-ups, as well as small businesses, can budget accordingly throughout the year for the expenses.

“Small businesses are integral to maintaining California’s diverse and vibrant economy,” said Cooley. “Government can act as a facilitator to bring key information to business owners to give them an edge in today’s lean economy.  One way to do this is to provide access to a user-friendly website, where they can easily locate their business fee requirements and fee schedules.”

Recently, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) streamlined the application process for starting a business in California by making the permits, licenses and registration requirements easily accessible online.  However, businesses are also responsible for paying a variety of fees to numerous state agencies throughout the year.  AB 393 creates an invaluable tool that will help small businesses manage their yearly financial expenditures by making the fee requirements and fee schedules of state agencies readily available online.

"Creating a single location where California small businesses can research and understand fees and payment schedules is imperative in today's economy," said Betty Jo Toccoli, President of the California Small Business Association. "This web portal will provide small business owners a streamlined process to identify fees and pay them on time. By making this process more efficient, small businesses will be able to focus on revenue growth and job creation."

There are approximately 3.5 million small businesses in California, accounting for over 99% of the state’s employers and roughly 50% of California’s private-sector employment. Small business owners often operate under limited time and resources. Nationwide, approximately half of all new small businesses survive five years or more and only one-third survive longer than 10 years. Clearly, more needs to be done to repair the damage from the Great Recession. 

“I am continually looking for solutions to keep current businesses in California and help the next generation of entrepreneurs get started,” continued Cooley.  “To be clear, AB 393 is a first step in a larger effort to accomplish these goals, and with a little ingenuity on everyone’s part we will succeed.”

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