Events Calendar: Assemblyman Ken Cooley, Area Employers Host Career Fair on July 26

Assemblyman Ken Cooley, in partnership with CalHR and Sacramento-area employers, will host a career fair on Friday, July 26, 2013, at the Foothill Community Center. Starting at 10:00 am, attendees will be able to hear from CalHR on how they can search through the State’s job listings, sign-up for testing and apply. In addition, local business managers will discuss what they look for and how job seekers can find careers in specific industries and fields.

Assemblyman Ken Cooley Protects McClellan, Mather Hiring Tax Credits

RANCHO CORDOVA– Assemblyman Ken Cooley has secured inclusion of hiring credits for Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas (LAMBRAs) in Senate Bill 90, a follow-up to the Enterprise Reform Bill (Assembly Bill 93) passed by the Legislature last week.  When reviewing the legislation prior to the vote, Cooley identified that the LAMBRAs on which McClellan and Mather re-use rely had been omitted and immediately brought the issue to the Governor’s staff’s attention so that it could be rectified.  SB 90, which passed with bi-partisan support, addresses this problem by reinstating LAMBRAs as geographical areas that will receive new incentives to create jobs.

Tax credits for military bases saved by lawmakers

In this Friday’s print edition, I take a closer look at whether Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to kill the state of California’s enterprise zone program will actually work. The controversial decision to phase out the program and replace it with a range of other incentives was a hot topic last week when the California Legislature approved the governor’s reforms.

Bill Gives Green Light to Over 500 Jobs in Rancho Cordova

Assemblyman Ken Cooley worked with Governor Brown and bill authors Senators DeSaulnier and Emmerson, to speed SB 509 through the Assembly enabling 500 jobs in Rancho Cordova to come on-line.  Assemblyman Cooley shepherded this urgency measure, which took three months to navigate the Senate, through the Assembly in less than 3 weeks to allow it to become law before July 1st.