Cooley Legislation to Bring Transparency to Public Pension Fund Fees Heads to Assembly Floor

Rancho Cordova - Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s AB 2833 relating to public retirement system’s disclosure of fees paid to alternative investment vehicles was unanimously voted out of the Assembly Appropriations committee Friday and now heads to the Assembly Floor.

AB 2833, sponsored by State Treasurer John Chiang, creates greater transparency and accountability by requiring all public pension funds to publicly disclose the various fees paid to their private equity general partners, hedge fund partners, and other alternative investment partners on an annual basis. 

Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s Bill to Bolster Mental Health Services Act Transparency Passes First Policy Committee

RANCHO CORDOVA – Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s (D-Rancho Cordova) AB 2279 passed unanimously out of the Assembly Health Committee this week. AB 2279 bolsters transparency about how Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funds are being used by requiring that information about state-wide and county-by-county funding for mental health programs be made available to the public to enhance accountability, outcomes, and facilitate mental health program improvement.

Proposition 63, the MHSA, was passed by the voters in 2004.  Its purpose was to transform the mental health system by providing prevention and intervention services to those living with mental illness.

Cooley Legislation to Reduce DUI Recidivism Passes First Assembly Committee

Rancho Cordova - Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s AB 2367 passed unanimously out of the State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee this week.   AB 2367 creates a statewide “24/7 Sobriety” program designed to give counties who wish to participate another mechanism to address DUI recidivism.

In California, forty percent of all traffic-related fatalities involve alcohol—this is higher than the rate nationwide. Critically, nearly one-third of those convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) re-offend. More than half of convicted impaired drivers continue to drive on a suspended license and only a small fraction of DUI episodes result in arrest. In an effort to add to the toolkit of options available to judges, this bill authorizes a court to order a person convicted of multiple DUIs to successfully complete a qualified “24/7 Sobriety” monitoring program.  24/7 Sobriety programs require individuals to abstain from alcohol for normally 90-180 days and participants are subject to frequent testing. If they test positive for alcohol use, there are swift, certain and modest sanctions—typically a day or two in jail.

New CA law proposed in response to Yosemite name dispute

The 125-year-old, world-renowned Yosemite National Park is undergoing some big changes today.

The park's "Ahwahnee Hotel" is now "The Majestic Yosemite Hotel." "Curry Village" has been renamed "Half Dome Village." And the souvenirs in the gift shop that used to say "Yosemite National Park" now only say "Yosemite."