Yosemite naming rights dispute inspires bill to protect state parks

A bill to protect California's state parks and against trademark disputes, like the one Yosemite National Park is currently involved in, is making its way through the Legislature. 

The National Parks Service (NPS) recently asked a federal trademark board to cancel trademarks obtained by the company that previously ran Yosemite's hotels, restaurants and outdoor activities. That means Yosemite's stone and timber hotel will no longer be called "The Ahwahnee," in addition to other changes.

Respect the Park Service’s 100th birthday

Obama is visiting Yosemite in advance of National Park Service centennial

Presidential stop over Father’s Day comes in a season of tourist and business abuses

Obama can’t even stay at ‘The Ahwahnee,’ though state lawmakers have a bill to address that

Yosemite is the perfect place to honor the upcoming centennial of the National Park Service. And not a bad spot to enjoy Father’s Day.

Assemblyman Ken Cooley Honors American River Brewing Company as 2016 Small Business of the Year

RANCHO CORDOVA – Assemblyman Ken Cooley (D-Rancho Cordova) honored David Mathis, Owner of American River Brewing Company, (ARBC) in Rancho Cordova as the 8th Assembly District 2016 Small Business of the Year for California Small Business Day in Sacramento. The event was held at the Sacramento Convention Center, giving Mathis and his wife, Claire an opportunity to be acknowledged on a statewide stage during the daylong event Salute to Small Business.

“Dave has continually shown a passion for beer and for our community as evidenced by the continuing support of the Firefighters Burn Institute through proceeds from sales of their Firebreak Red Ale,” said Assemblyman Cooley. “This made American River Brewing Company an obvious choice for my Small Business of the Year for the 8th Assembly District,” continued Cooley.