2021 Legislation

AB 472 – Campsite Reservations: Ensuring an Equitable Process: Extends consumer protections for purchases to campsite reservations. Limits the use of software services that can be used to circumvent security measures in place to ensure the public has fair access to camping reservations at state and local parks.

AB 539 – State Teacher’s Retirement: Investment Managers and Investment Advisers: Contracts:  Streamlines the ability of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) to secure investment services by establishing an internal procurement and bidding process to enhance the boards’ ability to secure the best value for members and beneficiaries while successfully fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.

AB 640 – Extended Foster Care: Eligibility Redetermination:  Allows counties to redetermine foster youth eligibility for Title IV-E federally funded foster care when entering Extended Foster Care. This provides critically needed supports to set these often at risk youth up for success.

AB 820 – Corporation Tax Law: Banks and Financial Corporations: Exclusions:  Interest Income: Supports small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing tax exemptions and making borrowing less costly. Creates a tax exemption on the interest revenue California’s banks generate from lending to small businesses of 50 or fewer employees adversely impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

AB 992 – California Clean Truck, Bus, And Off-road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program: Allows for hybrid or zero-emission vehicles funded under California’s Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program to be placed on a peer-to-peer truck sharing platform, so that businesses have better access to clean powered trucks. This creates an affordable way for businesses to contribute to California’s climate goals and gets gas guzzlers off the road.

AB 1095 – Affordable Rental and Owner-Occupied Housing: Equity in State and Local Programs: Creates a level playing field between affordable homeownership and rental projects in state funding programs to ensure projects that support affordable home ownership can compete for critically necessary funding.

AB 1196 – Sacramento Regional Transit District: Board of Directors: Voting Procedures: Brings the structure of the Sacramento Regional Transit Board in line with most other transit agencies in the state by utilizing a one-member-one-vote methodology.

AB 1245 – Resentencing: Simplifies the process for when Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, local prosecutors, or law enforcement requests changes to an incarcerated person’s sentence and makes the process more fair.

AB 1293 – Judges’ Retirement System II: Federal Law Limits: Adjustments: Brings parity to the pension system so that retired judges and justices receive benefits in line with what is currently available to other state retirees. Specifically, the bill applies the federal retesting of the IRC 415(b) dollar limit by indexing that cap to the adjustments made by the US Department of the Treasury.

AB 1447 – The Rural California Infrastructure Act: Establishes the Rural California Infrastructure Act to get much needed money to the most rural parts of California to help preserve history and revitalize community infrastructure.

ACR 66 – Child Abuse Prevention Month: Declares the month of April 2021 as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Further declares California’s commitment to raise awareness about child abuse and highlights steps communities can take to prevent child abuse from occurring.

ACR 84 – Foster Care Month: Declares the month of May 2021 as Foster Care Month. Brings awareness to the nearly 66,000 children in California’s foster care system as one of the most vulnerable populations in the state of California.