2019 Legislation

AB 233 - Insurance: licensees: Requires a residential property broker-agent, agent, or licensed organization that maintains multiple offices to prominently display a copy of its license in each office and to prominently display a link on its homepage to a copy of its license for consumers to inspect its authenticity.

AB 312 - State government: administrative regulations: review: Requires state agencies to complete a top-to-bottom review by January 1, 2022, of all current and new regulations to ensure that they are not duplicative, overlapping, inconsistent, or outdated, and to submit its findings to the Legislature and Governor.  

AB 425 - Firearms: ammunition sales: Narrowly exempts federal, state and local law enforcement or security companies which are already licensed to carry firearms from the face-to-face transaction requirement for ammunition purchases.

AB 510 - Local government records: destruction of records: Exempts the head of a department of a county or city, or the head of a special district from retaining recordings of routine video monitoring and recordings of telephone and radio communications if the county, city, or special district implements a record retention policy.

AB 620 - Coroner: sudden unexplained death in childhood: Requires the coroner to inform the parent or guardian whose child’s suspected cause of death is Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood, about the importance of taking tissue samples for the purpose of further investigation

AB 818 - Local government finance: vehicle license fee adjustment amounts: Establishes a base-year Vehicle License Fee (VLF) adjustment amount for a city incorporating after January 1, 2012, to replicate funds that existed for new cities prior to 2004.

AB 906 - California Economic Development Strategic Action Plan: Tasks the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) to lead the preparation of the California Economic Development Strategic Action Plan for the purpose of creating a comprehensive agenda and framework for inclusive statewide and regional economic growth addressing the shifting economic landscape, changing demographics, and unique strengths of California’s industries, businesses, workers, and entrepreneurs.

AB 974 - Vehicles: driving under the influence: Provides the court the discretion to order a person convicted of multiple DUIs to enroll in, participate in, and successfully complete a qualified “24/7 Sobriety” monitoring program as a condition of their probation.

AB 1068 - Juveniles: dependency: child and family teams:  Strengthens the Child and Family Team (CFT) process by requiring a social worker to include a summary of all meetings involving the CFT meetings.  Ensures that the educational rights holder or educational liaison is included in the decision-making process for placement decisions.  Requires the information among the CFT to be kept confidential in accordance with state and federal law.  Ensures that the foster youth has a voice in any decision-making process.

AB 1125 - Animal Control Officer Standards Act: Establishes the Animal Control Officer Standards Act (the Act). Requires the California Animal Welfare Association to develop and maintain standards for a program to certify animal control officers.

AB 1221 - Children’s advocacy centers: Provides the minimum standards that outline what services an abused child should receive when being served at a Child Advocacy Center (CAC), and provides clarity for children, families and child abuse investigators as to what a CAC should provide.

AB 1301 - Child welfare: adoption: Requires county welfare agencies to compensate licensed private adoption agencies for the costs of supporting families through the process of adopting children or non-minor dependents eligible for the Adoption Assistance Program benefits. This bill gives counties the responsibility for compensating adoption agencies for their otherwise unreimbursed costs in finding and placing a child with a family, while shifting some of the funding from the state down to the county level.  This will also give the counties and providers more freedom for reimbursement costs for other activities in permanency placements, and not just the limited adoptions costs.

AB 1530 - Unauthorized cannabis activity reduction grants: local jurisdiction restrictions on cannabis delivery:  Clarifies that local governments may adopt and enforce local ordinances regulating cannabis delivery within their jurisdiction.  Requires the Board of State and Community Corrections to create and administer a competitive grant program to cities, counties, and joint powers authorities to establish or expand an enforcement program against unauthorized cannabis activity. This grant program would also provide consumer protection education so that cannabis consumers know how to tell the difference between licensed and unlicensed cannabis activity.

AB 1591 – Insurance Commissioner: legislative reporting: Requires the Insurance Commissioner to provide a biennial presentation to the committees of the Senate and the Assembly with jurisdiction over insurance on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ accreditation process.

ACR 90 - Foster Care Month:  Declares the month of May 2019 as Foster Care Month.  Further declares California’s commitment to working in partnership with the federal government and local governments to improve the lives and futures of all children and youth touched by the child welfare system.

HR 90 - National Surveyors Week: Declares the week of March 17 through March 23, 2019, as National Surveyors Week.