2016 Legislation

AB 1786 – Horse Racing: Modifies eligibility requirements for horses to qualify for entry in California Sire Stakes races to include horses bred elsewhere but foaled in California. The bill also eliminates a requirement that two and three year old horses be divided into colt and filly divisions for races, and specifies the allocation of winnings for each horse from first to fifth place, regardless of the number of starters in the race. 

AB 1864 – Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood: Defines Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood in statute, and requires the coroner to inform the parent or guardian of a child who dies under these circumstances about the importance of taking tissue samples for the purpose of further investigation.

AB 1883 – Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Creates a pilot program in up to three counties which focuses on training techniques to identify and understand child sexual abuse and ways to prevent it.

AB 2086 – Workers’ Compensation—Neuropsychologists: AB 2086 permits licensed neuropsychologists to be appointed as Qualified Medical Examiners (QMEs) in neuropsychology.  This legislation restores the specialty of neuropsychology as one of the categories of QMEs in California’s workers’ compensation system.

AB 2228 – Code Enforcement Officer Training Standards: Provides state recognition of certified code enforcement officers upon completion of minimum education, training, and maintenance standards set forth by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO).

AB 2249 – Protecting Historic California State Park Heritage Locales: AB 2249 protects historic California state park trademarks by prohibiting concessionaires from claiming ownership or trademark of a name associated with a California state park and further declares that if a bidder makes such a claim, they are disqualified from bidding on future contracts.

AB 2279 – Mental Health Services Act: Transparency: The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) provides funding to county-run programs that treat and prevent mental illness. This bill requires that information about state-wide and county-by-county funding for mental health programs be made available to the public to enhance accountability, outcomes, and facilitate program improvement.

AB 2327 – Human Trafficking: Adds human trafficking to the list of offenses for which it may be considered a crime to engage, or attempt to engage, in contact with a minor.

AB 2367 – 24/7 Sobriety Program to Reduce DUI Recidivism: In an effort to add to the toolkit of options available to judges to combat DUI, this bill authorizes a court to order a person convicted of multiple DUIs to successfully complete a qualified “24/7 Sobriety” monitoring program as a condition of their probation or release. 

AB 2404 – CalPERS Pension Plan Consolidation: Following comparative studies of pension plan systems, this bill proposes to simplify CalPERS’ retirement plan design.  AB 2404 bill consolidates redundant options and eliminates infrequently elected plans that require manual calculations and validation.

AB 2417 – CASA Background Check Fees: Volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are citizens sworn in as officers of the court who speak up for children’s needs, while mentoring youth and supporting successful transitions for children in foster care. This bill includes CASAs in an existing fee exemption for State Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal history background checks which are vital to protecting these vulnerable kids.

AB 2521 – Support for Los Rios Community College Special Needs Students: Students with disabilities face unique challenges as they seek to further their education. AB 2521 authorizes the Los Rios Community College District to establish a pilot program to support students with special needs. In this effort, the district may partner with public or private programs which offer various comprehensive services, including tutors, psychologists, and independent living skills instructors.

AB 2597 – Foster Care Resource Family Approval: Makes changes to the Resource Family Approval process to make sure the needs of relative caregivers are adequately met.

AB 2679 – Medical Marijuana Reporting Requirements: Expands the reporting requirements for the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation to include information on disciplinary actions and complaints against licensees.

AB 2710 – California Insurance Guarantee Association: Simplifies the process through which the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) allows member insurers to recoup the cost of paying their premiums.

AB 2833 – Public Retirement Systems Disclosures: Requires every public retirement system disclose to require any alternative investment vehicles in which they invest to annually make various disclosures on fees paid to those investment funds.

ACR 173 – Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month: Recognizes the month of June 2016 as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month.

ACR 179 – Foster Care Month: Recognizes the month of May 2016 as Foster Care Month.