2015 Legislation

AB 12 – Regulatory Reform: Strengthens the accountability and transparency of the regulatory process by requiring that state agencies complete a top-to-bottom review by January 1, 2018 of all current and new regulations to ensure that they are not duplicative, overlapping, inconsistent, or outdated.

AB 34/266 – Medical Marijuana Business Standards: Creates comprehensive standards for medical marijuana cultivation, manufacture, transport, and dispensaries through a dual-licensing structure of state and local governments.

AB 334 – Curbing the Profiling of Motorcycle Enthusiasts:  AB 334 is a response to the growing popularity of motorcycling to prohibit “profiling” of riders which subjects them to police stops without other reasonable cause. In 2011, Washington state enacted a similar statute. This bill proposes California adopt the Washington approach.

AB 423 – Supporting Foster Care Placed with Relatives: Requires county child welfare agencies to complete the application for the Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) program, or for counties that have not opted into ARC, to apply for CalWORKS benefits on behalf of the foster child. The bill also requires that family caregivers be given information about the financial support systems available and to screen every foster child who is not federally eligible for benefits for SSI eligibility.

AB 499 – Mandatory Earthquake Insurance Offer and Disclosure:  This bill provides needed clarity to timelines when presumptions can be made relative to the mandatory earthquake insurance offer and the disclosure of a specific reduction in services accompanies with a renewal of earthquake insurance.

AB 565 – Group Life Insurance Coverage: AB 565 clarifies legislative intent specific to the provision of group life coverage of an insured’s dependent above the age of majority, and the provision of premium waivers in the case of an insured’s disability before and after the age of sixty.

AB 584 – Joint Pension Administration and Sustainability Committee: AB 584 updates the Government Code statute authorizing a Joint Legislative Retirement Committee in the Legislature to broaden the level of knowledge concerning the function and importance of pensions in our economy.

AB 597 – Asbestos Trust Claims Transparency: Requires transparency in trust claims submitted to asbestos bankruptcy trusts in order to bring transparency to California state court litigation to prevent double-dipping to the detriment of future asbestos victims.

AB 652 – Relinquishing State Route 16 to Sacramento County: This bill relinquishes a portion of State Route 16 in between South Watt Avenue and Grant Line Road to Sacramento County and the City of Rancho Cordova in order to improve the route and accommodate several new development projects in the area.

AB 704 – Standard Regulations of Escrow Activity: AB 704 would level the playing field between escrow activities allowed by the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) for “escrow agents” and escrow activities allowed by the California Department of Insurance (DOI) for “underwritten title companies” (UTCs) by aligning their respective statutes.

AB 720 – Global Warning Solutions Act: Modifies two administrative requirements under California’s Cap and Trade regulations to improve workability of the program. The bill allows participating entities to transfer allowances from their compliance holding account, recognizing that entities with large compliance obligations should have the ability to hold enough allowances to meet their requirements. It also directs the California Air Resources Board to develop a price cap on allowances.

AB 736 – CalSTRS Executive Positions: Moves CalSTRS’ Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer from civil service positions to Board authorized and controlled positions.

AB 791 – Electronic Health Records: Advanced Healthcare Directives: Requires the Department of Health Care Services, in developing its State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan, to develop a process for managing advanced health care directive (AHCD) information electronically to ensure families have ready access to family members AHCD.

AB 822 – California Insurance Guarantee Association: Statute of Limitations: Eliminates confusion surrounding a recent court decision involving the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) by clarifying the statute of limitations that applies to actions taken against CIGA.

AB 845 – Vision Care Access Website: Authorizes the executive board that governs the California Health Benefit Exchange to construct, manage, and maintain an Internet Web site that is separate and clearly distinct from the Exchange’s Internet Web site, to inform consumers about participating individual and employer-based vision plans that are available to qualified individuals and qualified employers.

AB 870 – Supporting Rapid Rehousing for Homeless Californians: California has a large population of homeless individuals. AB 870 seeks to combat homelessness by creating an enhancement program in 4 counties to support “rapid rehousing” principles through grants from the Department of Housing and Community Development.

AB 924 – Voluntary Contributions to the State Children’s Trust Fund: Provides new authorization to include the State Children’s Trust Fund, a major source of funding for child abuse prevention programs across the state, on the list of voluntary contributions found on state income tax forms.

AB 1052 – CalSTRS and CalPERS Investment Management Services: Streamlines the ability of CalSTRS and CalPRS to procure investment management services without going through the traditional, but redundant state procurement process.

AB 1127 – Sacramento Family Justice Center: Authorizes the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to increase fees for certified copies of vital records up to four dollars to fund a domestic violence and human trafficking resource center.

AB 1190 – Public Employee Retirement System Elections: Allows the Secretary of State to designate an entity, in addition to itself, to provide the mandatory certification of Public Employee Retirement Board of Administration election results.

AB 1245 – Employment Development Department Online Filings: AB 1245 requires employers to submit returns and remit payments for unemployment insurance taxes to the Employment Development Department (EDD) electronically. The resulting increased efficiency will save the state millions of dollars in paper, postage and staff time.

AB 1544 – Political Reform Act: Behested Payments: Clarifies ambiguous law by making clear behested payment reporting does not encompass government payments.

ACR 48 – Brain Injury Awareness, Treatment, and Prevention Month: Concussions and other brain injuries affect hundreds of thousands of Californians each year. Studies have demonstrated that the cumulative effects of concussive and sub-concussive blows to the brain contribute to long-term brain damage and early-onset dementia.  ACR 48 declares March Brain Injury Awareness, Treatment, and Prevention Month to raise awareness of traumatic brain injury.

AJR 6 – California Earthquake Authority: Post-Earthquake Financing: Urges the President and Congress to enact legislation that establishes federal guarantees to support the responsible sale of post-earthquake bonds.